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TD Magic is a full-service executive recruiting search firm that has placed thousands of high performing sales and IT professionals into industry leading technology companies since 1982. 

Our name, TD Magic, is shorthand for "two-degree" magic which refers to our role as the middle-agent between candidates and hiring managers. We serve as both the candidate's advocate and the hiring manager's representative, effectively bridging the two-degrees-of-separation between the two parties and empowering both throughout the hiring process.  

Our unique concept guides hiring managers to attract and hire the finest talent, and it coaches candidates to command extraordinary career-advancing job opportunities. 

TD Magic provides custom-tailored services to thousands of prominent business leaders and hundreds of established and emerging companies. We masterfully identify dynamic opportunities for our candidates and our corporate clients by recognizing that in chaos is opportunity.

Contact us today to discuss your objectives and to seize your opportunities.
TD Magic

Master Recruiters for High-Performing Sales and IT Talent